Worthless Guide to Survival - Part 2: Jungles


By Henry

The Jungles of the world may seem like a lively and fun place to visit,
but they can seem cold and uninviting when you are lost inside one.
This is part 2 of my survival series, and here I will give you the
inside scoop on how you can survive being lost in the jungle. This
article will also not contain the phrase “Lions and tigers and
bears, oh my!” because it is ridiculous. The jungle has no bears
except if you count koala bears or pandas. Are they jungle bears?

Worthless Guide to Survival - Part 1: Bears


By Henry

Hey survival enthusiasts! So you think you want to survive huh? Well
reading this series of guides is certainly the way to get started. I am
by no means a survival expert, but I have seen every episode of Man vs Wild, and also Survivorman.
Please join me as I take you through the world of keeping alive in the
wild, and provide you with tips about what to do in desperate

Worthless Guide to Drugs Part 1: The Classics


By Henry

have got a bad reputation, but I’m not sure why. Think about it: what’s
the worst thing a drug has ever done? Destroyed a family? Allowed a
person to hold a stimulating conversation with a mop? Caused a person’s
death? These are all relatively unimportant things when you come right
down to it. There’s a lot of misinformation out there about drugs, but
I felt that maybe there was not quite enough. This article should serve
to remedy that.

Quest for Time Part 3: Battles


By The Baron

Domo Oregano fellow dungeon keepers! In case you were wondering, that
mean’s “Hello dungeon keepers” in Japanese. I
don’t know much Japanese, but I’m trying to learn so I can
watch all my favorite shows without those icky fansubs :( But to the
business at hand, which I’m sure you’ve all been drooling
for: More info about Quest For Time!
My previous articles have all been rousing successes, generating a lot
of fanmail for me, and also a few letters from party poopers (luckily I
was able to put them in their place). In this column I will be
discussing the battle system I’ve come up with for Quest for Time. Enjoy!

Quest for Time Part 2: New Details


By The Baron
Hello internet voyagers, and welcome to the next installment of The Baron’s column. In this segment I am going to do something I know a lot of you have been waiting for: I am going to reveal some new details from my MMORPG, Quest for Time! There has been a lot of interest in my first article about Quest for Time, not to mention the jealous n00bs who write in insulting me, but I think they are interested too. So I thought I would throw all of the fans a bone and reveal some more juicy details… Enjoy!

Quest for Time Part 1: The Idea


By The Baron
Ahoy again fellow dragonslayers! And welcome to The Baron’s column of
blighting! In today’s column I will be talking about the online
RPG game I am developing. Another name for online role playing games is
MMORPG (multiperson-on-line-role-playing-game). The MMORPG game which I
am creating is called Quest For Time. It will undoubtedly be one of the
most successful online games ever created if I ever get the funding for
it, which probably won’t be happening any time soon, my social life
(LARPing & Anthrocon preparations!) gets in the way! :( Anywhoo, here is a basic outline of the races I have
written up as well as some great pictures of what each race will
eventually look like. I will follow up with more details when I get the